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And now... holiday photo-dump time! >.<

Here is a little travelogue of our trip to Falmouth.  It's PHOTO-HEAVY but light on loquacity, so hopefully an easy read! ;-P


Gyllyngvase Beach.  Blue Flag (i.e. clean!), pebbley/shell-y (not sand as such), excellent rock pools, pleasant even when busy.  Too cold for swimming unfortunately!!

Here's a penguin from the National Seal Sanctuary!  This was a nice enough place but rather expensive to get in.

The seals were adorable though!  This one enjoys sunbathing more than being in the water. ^_^

I was allowed to hold this hermit crab.  Never seen one up close before.

Here you have two crabs in a bucket... the crustacean and Yrs Trly's reflection (well, I'm Cancerian... not that I follow astrology!).

If you're ever in Falmouth, and you like seafood, you'd be crazy not to have a meal at the Wheelhouse (they don't seem to have a website... with word of mouth, I doubt they need one!).  It's small and hidden-away, not terribly expensive, quirkily decorated, 'cosy and intimate', and most importantly, the food is delicious. <3

Oh my, these garlic and chilli prawns were amazing!!

This is a 'small' brown crab - imagine the large, it must be enormous... >.<

They are kind enough to hand out aprons to save one's fancy apparel... not that my apparel was fancy. XD

Goodness me, a look of concentration on the David's face as he extracts crab meat with surgical precision... ;-)

The restaurant - full and buzzing!

That's the menu (sorry it's not very readable...).

We shared a mango sorbet for dessert, served in a pretty wee teacup. ^_^

Now here's a rare sight - the Emy with a glass of beer!  This is outside The 'Front, a rather good little pub down on the quay (they don't seem to have a website either, but are on Facebook).  They serve ales and ciders straight from the cask.  (This was 'Black Pearl', some sort of stout - very good but I didn't finish it.  I am not accustomed to beer!)

The pub doesn't serve food, but you can bring your own if you want.  Right above, for example, is a really good fish and chip restaurant - Harbour Lights.  Very, very good, no soggy chips or overdone greasy fish!

Boat trip time! :-D  It's not a holiday (at least, not a coastal one...) without a boat trip.

We cruised over to Trelissick.  You can't look at the house (pictured above), but the garden is open to the public.

Some sort of Rapunzelesque folly - I think it was a water-tower in disguise.

Here I go with the macro setting on my camera... talk amongst yerselves... >.<  This is a smoke-bush leaf.

Lichen (as ever!).

After the gardens, we went across on the King Harry Chain Ferry.  It's free if you're on foot!

We went over to Smuggler's Cottage, which turned out to be a bit touristy/nothing to get excited about. :-\  Shirtless people slobbing about, teabag tea (as opposed to loose-leaf - why they make such a song'n'dance about it being Tregothnan Tea I don't know...), nothing much to see...  The food was really good though! :-)

I fell in love with this little boat - named 'Jean' - she looked so alone-but-hopeful somehow!  I quite wanted to steal her...

There's Smuggler's Cottage.  There seems to have been lots of WWII activity around there.  On the walk to and from the ferry there were lots of signs pointing to old army latrines (!), Nissen huts etc.!

Pale and interesting...!  I have no idea what a tan would look like on me... >.<

Hehehe, birthday dinner = obligatory silly photo.  That's an avant garde Raku vase growing out of my head. >.<  The restaurant, Hunky Dory, was nice enough, but the portions were far too big.  Those are our starters!!

Another day, another boat trip! ^_^  This time, to St Mawes.  We met a lovely Guide Dog puppy on the boat - mostly friendly and well-behaved, except for getting all growly and snappy at one point.  I think it was all too exciting for her!

And who is this elegantly-attired dandy uh, slobby tourist um I mean, delightful exploring companion?! >.<

Arriving at a castle by water - it needs its own soundtrack! :-)

St Mawes Castle is pretty fun. ^_^  Its plan has curvaceous interlocking circles; it's a cuddly sort of castle. ;-)

A recent favourite outfit of mine - although I have to say, that was quite a breezy day... next time I may have to wear bloomers! >_<

A shiny green fly at rest on an ivy leaf (...yep, it's macro time again!).

And now, Trebah Gardens!  A lovely lush rainforesty garden that goes right down to its own beach (and dogs are allowed, making for much cuteness!).  It's half price if you come by bus, too! :-)

Above, raindrops and daisies caught in a cobweb.

More raindrops - this time, caught in the filaments on a tree trunk.

Oh dear, lichen again!

Geometric fronds.

A happy little beetle on a Gunnera stalk.  I loved the Gunnera walk - the plants are so huge, walking underneath you feel like a mouse in a flowerbed!

Ladybird on a flowerhead.

This flower just looks really cross. XD

Wasp on hydrangea... yes, yes, I like insects on flowers! >.<

Oh, this little froglet! <3  We found him on the path and helped him get to the other side.  There were others hopping around, too; the garden has several large ponds.

At the end of the garden is this beach.  We sat here for a while and watched various dogs enjoying the water.  Two black labradors competed to reach a stick that their owner threw into the water for them; one began cheating by getting into the water early!  Later she enjoyed digging, collecting stones and moving them to a little pile... I wonder why. >.<

Ok, that's enough! :-)  I very much enjoyed Falmouth; I recommend it if you want to stay somewhere pretty and relaxing, but with stuff to do if you feel like it.  (And the B&B we stayed at was really good, I recommend that too!)

Thank you for reading... ^_^


( 7 confidences — Confide in me... )
Jul. 18th, 2011 10:27 pm (UTC)
how can a portion ever be too big?
Jul. 18th, 2011 10:31 pm (UTC)
some lovely photos by the way, especially the rain droplet ones
Jul. 19th, 2011 04:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you! ^_^ I think those are my favourites too. Credit should go to the camera really, I'm just the dumb human who presses the button! ;-)
Jul. 19th, 2011 04:55 pm (UTC)
When you're too full to order pudding! :-) My trouble is, I can't eat a lot of food at once, but then I get hungry later. Perhaps I'll ask for a doggy bag (...much as I hate that phrase...) another time! >.<
Jul. 19th, 2011 12:27 am (UTC)
How lovely! You really brought happiness to my world today with your photographs! I can't decide which is my favourite - the big fat seal, the lichen and raindrops, or the froglet on your finger! How cute!

I did laugh when crabs in a bucket moved to crustaceans on a plate in the next photo stream! :)

Thank you for sharing these extraordinary shots :) Glad you had a lovely time. You're looking fabulous too! In all shades of pale ;)

Jul. 19th, 2011 05:01 pm (UTC)
Well, you've brought happiness to my world with your kind comment, thank you! :-) I wish I could upload for your enjoyment the video I took of some dogs at the seal place, enjoying the penguins - it was priceless! They couldn't quite understand that there was glass between them and the penguins, who were just as fascinated with the dogs. ^_^

Thank you, I have of course weeded out any non-fabulous shots! >.< My extent of tanning is looking slightly unwashed and getting a sock line... ;-P Factor 30 and a hat and scarf is a much better look if you ask me!
Jul. 20th, 2011 10:25 pm (UTC)
Stay pale and you will age fair! I go brown in a day, and then end up being a 3 coloured person - brown arms, beige legs and white bellied!
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