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Coolest Song Ever?

I saw this recently, and fell slightly in love:

That is Peter Cook bedazzling up a storm there. ^_^  I've never been that enamoured of Peter Cook, he always comes across as being too clever by half and a bit... I dunno... hard-hearted. :-\  But here, he demonstrates how alluring aloofness can be!  Is anyone else swooning...?

Mustn't forget, though, that Dudley Moore composed the score.  All the music is great, from start to finish.

The whole film (Bedazzled) is really good, much better by far than the remake.  Even though it's funny and the humour is quite silly in places (trampolining nuns, anyone?!), it has a melancholy quality to it, too.  I suppose even in the super-optimistic 60s, not everybody felt that the times they were a-changin' for the better.  We may have grand ideas and noble aims in this life, but what if all the involuntary, petty, split-second moments of anger, cruelty, venality and greed that pepper our larger strivings add up to damnation?  If not perhaps in any kind of afterlife, they probably do in this one...  If the road to Hell really is paved with good intentions, this film puts that across really well - be careful (and very precise about) what you wish for, folks! ;-)

And in the meantime, distracting oneself with amusing films and clever musical parodies is as soothing a balm as I have yet found. ^_^


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Aug. 1st, 2011 08:04 pm (UTC)
I like Peter Cook. Although I definitely think that Dudley Moore provided some much needed warmth in their collaborations.
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