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Have you ever played "Infinity Questions"?

Well, if you haven't, you really should.  It's like Twenty Questions, except that you can ask as many questions as you like until you get the answer... and instead of the usual boring subjects such as predictable famous figures from history, the answer you are trying to guess from the other player can be ANYTHING.  As esoteric as you like.  As dumb as you like.  As philosophical as you like.  (Actually, I like the idea of picking ANYTHING - the concept, I mean, of ANYTHING... or maybe the word.  I just stumped my boyfriend at this game when he failed to guess my choice of 'the word ANSWER'... although earlier he managed to guess 'the number 8' in about five goes!!)

What I love about this game is that it really exercises your ability to understand what anything is!  When my chap was attempting to guess 'the word ANSWER', some of his questions to me had me floundering for some while.  Is it a physical object?  Well, no.  (It's a word.  Although what if you write it down?  Is it then a physical object?)  Is it a concept?  Well, sort of.  So is it an abstract concept?  Er... kind of???!  Is it visible?  Aha!  Sometimes!  (It's visible when you write it down.  But is it visible when someone you are looking at speaks the word?  Or even on paper, can you only ever really see a portrait of the word...?  What *is* a word, when all is said and done?!!)

I wonder what would happen if you chose as your subject 'the game INFINITY QUESTIONS'...?  That could become very circular.

But even better than these philosophical contortions are the times when you pick something really obvious and everyday, like a shoe or a pig or EastEnders... and then try to stifle your giggles as your audience importunes you: "Is it an abstract concept?  Does it fit in this room?  Is it of terrestrial origin?"

I like to think I'm quite good at this game.  Some of my favourite subjects (with some of which I have bamboozled people who are much cleverer than I am...): a double-yolked egg.  A top hat.  A feather.  Equestrian equipage.  A comma.  And, best of all, a bubble.  With the latter I even managed to fox one of those annoying electronic Twenty Questions machines. ^_^

The person from whom I learned this game has a venerable tradition of always selecting, at some point when it his turn to be the keeper of the answer, 'The Fiend from the Pit'.  I am yet to learn what exactly (or perhaps who) this Fiend may be, or where the Pit is located... but it's like a sort of ritual.  When it's Simon's turn, you have to at least try guessing 'The Fiend from the Pit', in case it's *that* go...

Eavesdrop, snoop, and sigh with yearning...

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