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As limn volumes obverse

Question: Must we automatically despise people for the wrongs they do? (You must, as always, supply your own value for 'wrongs'.)

On a related note, in referring to my own acts, I can no longer think of 'right' and 'wrong': only 'correct' and 'incorrect'. I find this makes useful contemplation much easier.

Further: people do like to say that if you're not supposed to do something, this makes it more attractive. But that is only true when there is some sort of circumscription - some proscription - for you to kick across. For example: no non-religious person is truly capable of blasphemy - and blasphemy, for a non-religious person, holds zero allure. Myself, I will not wear or use any religious symbol. I just will not. First, because they are not meaningful to me. Second, because offending against orthodoxy would itself be meaningless for me - it would be a completely pointless expression of... what? Poor manners? Thirdly, there can be no thrill in it. Nothing I could do with a crucifix could be anything other than... lame, and insincere.

I saw a young man in town today with 'Day of the Dead' iconography tattooed up his arms. Unwise of me perhaps to adjudge him un-Mexican in the extreme, based only on his appearance, but he did look terribly English, and those sugar skulls are excessively fashionable these days. I had to wonder whether he'd chosen the device for spiritual (anthropological?) reasons, or just because it looked nice. We have a phrase for that nowadays - 'cultural appropriation'. Fair enough. Personally I don't want to cluelessly ape the symbols of a culture I have not experienced. But then again, what cultural devices have I, that could be appropriated by others? It's disturbing to realise that you have nothing of the kind - no sacrilege is possible, no defilement.

No line there for another to cross, and no currency in crossing another's. Where, then, does desire originate? And how can I feel in the presence of another's trespass?

How very curious it is: with very few exceptions, the figures who interest me the most tend to be trespassers*. This, despite my own complete and utter harmlessness. I can even be somewhat clairvoyant here: being drawn to persons who appear fairly socially acceptable - admirable, even - at first scrutiny, but whose inner life is later revealed to plumb depths that would enrage, disgust or shock most nice folks. It should be pretty clear to you that I am not most nice folks. Well, I'm nice. But... I can condemn an act, but find it very hard indeed to condemn a whole human being.

Context-free, is what I often am. I have no home-context in which to situate my reckonings - no ground zero. In all things I'm a pair of scales that insists on balancing. The Devil's Advocate - or just on the fence? Except... there is no fence!

Often we 'go with the majority' rather than following Instinct. Context-free: at this point in the Lifelong Trek I don't find it helpful or comfortable to judge my actions based on how many people agree with me or would do the same as me - or how many would condemn me. Correct and incorrect are not to be arbitrated by others. Context-free.

Moral questions - ack. I must abstain from parsing them, being unequipped to do so. My only correct response to anything is to strive to be sincere and to be self-defined. I forget this occasionally, and want others' approval, forgetting that perhaps the onus is just as much on them to earn mine.


Today in the bookshop we were presented with a slim volume of verse (listen to me, 'a slim volume of verse'... stock phrases au-go-go!!) - translated from the Japanese, into German. I once passed a GCSE in German (I got a 'B') which enables me to pronounce it beautifully, whilst understanding something in the order of every ninth word. I stood there, making the correct mouth-noises, whilst my two friends - the one my Anglo-Saxonist colleague, the other our pop-culture-expert regular - tilted at translation, indulging in flights of lateral guesswork. If I do say so myself, it sounded very well, my recitation; but other than divining the poet's interest in cranes and cherry-blossom (to which the pen-and-ink illustrations conspired to clue us in), the meaning remained elusive. I rather prefer it that way, for once in my life.


Coda: I voted today, in the local elections; and the only honest (...honest!) choice was... the Green Party. I can't imagine they'll get in, despite my (...ha!) illustrious patronage. Once again I prove HARMLESS, and leave no mark behind me.


[*Post-scriptum: Case in point: I posted this on Facebook earlier:

"Did ya ever get the paranoid feeling that Salvador Dalí was following you...? I've been reading his novel, 'Hidden Faces' (no, no, his navel! His Magnificent Octopus! ...Baldrick must've been a surrealist!) and his 'Secret Life of Salvador Dalí'. The navel-octopus is pretty good; the 'Secret Life' (an autobiog - an autofiction?) is where it's at, though - it's just as you'd imagine it would be, only more coherent/clever/readable. Anyway, I turned up to the bookshop today to be confronted with the sight of Himself staring out from the cover of some exhibition catalogue, whilst beside it sat a general book on surrealism. Then some donations came in - a book about Ms. Gala's progress through the ranks (Eluard, Ernst, Dalí), and a huge book of colour reproductions of Dalí paintings. I suggest: The man loved notice so much he can still feel us looking at him! Even posthumously, he queues up to be admired, drawn to where the eyes are! May madness: mind your shadow, and don't leave your watch on the windowsill in the sun. :-)"

As Max Bialystock said, 'They find me... how do they find me?!' Well... sometimes, Clive, I find them.]


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May. 3rd, 2013 01:46 am (UTC)
It took me a minute, but once I got it the title of this post gave me a giggle.

I also like the phrase 'tilting at translation.' I did a fair amount of that when I was in Germany recently, and it was fun in all situations except those in which it was crucial to know what I was reading. ;)
May. 3rd, 2013 07:34 pm (UTC)
I have to admit that I quite preened my whiskers when I came up with that one. >.< Wordplay is utter catnip!

German is deceptive that way isn't it - it's so (apparently) closely-related to English that you kind of expect you'll get the gist of it easily... and then you don't. XD
May. 10th, 2013 03:07 am (UTC)
I've never been on board with the whole "cultural appropriation" thing. I was trained to do History, and I still do think of the whole world and pretty much everything in the last six or seven thousand years to be open to inspection and to use in bricolage. I wear a keffiyeh, or Oxbridge college ties, or a fez. I think of everything out there as available to be re-purposed into new styles. And as a secular, educated Westerner, I can't work up any feeling that my own native culture is being violated when I see things like tribesmen in Xinjiang wearing American cowboy hats or American flag t-shirts. Style and accessories are for everyone, and can be taken from anywhere.
May. 12th, 2013 06:54 pm (UTC)
It is absolutely true that there'd be no progress if one culture didn't borrow-or-steal from another. (No fellow-feeling or common ground, either, I suspect!) And that's a good point about the cowboy hat! The issue seems to arise when people borrow-or-steal thoughtlessly - you can see how it would be frustrating as, say, a person from a culture that already feels oppressed/has a difficult colonial history, to find some gormless so-and-so turning your most sacred symbols into a mere point of fashion or decorative trope. But that doesn't mean it's not possible to borrow-or-steal with respect and genuine curiosity.

As for me, I'm subject to this... don't know what to call it... relentless, ungovernable need to *feel sincere*?! (That's not to say I think others are insincere. The criteria do not apply outside of me.) I'm bad at fashion because I have to feel that what I wear is 'meaningful' to me personally (or if not that, acceptably neutral). I can't feel right if I have 'fakeness' (whatever that means!) on my person. Where the 'meaning' (if present) - the genuineness - comes from is... mysterious. I feel keenly the lack of a 'native culture', so much so that I've had to (oh dear!) create one. Rather than feeling British, the internal-self-me is (quite contentedly) always something else, a stranger everywhere. I like to say that I speak English like a foreigner. :-D

Self-referential blithering ENDS! ;-)
May. 12th, 2013 11:54 pm (UTC)
I always tell people that since I speak English as a first language and refuse to wear Ridiculous Headgear, I can never be a Foreigner.

I'm not sure what culture I feel at home in, but it must be one that has hot dogs with chili and lots of all-night diners.
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