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So.  Disco sucks, does it?

Well, I'm sure it would if you asked it nicely. ;-)

Yesterday evening I downloaded 'No. 1 in Heaven' by Sparks.  I have it on vinyl, but no equipment upon which to spin it, so ones 'n' zeroes it is for now.  I listened to it on my way to work this morning, and I have to say, nothing makes a half-hour trudge zip by like being serenaded by a bunch of singing spermatozoa.  ('Tryouts for the Human Race'.  Priceless!)

I love how these people manage to sound so completely different from one album to the next, and yet they are never less than utterly unmistakable.  Also, that characteristic combination of sweeping, scintillating glamour and sweaty social suicide.  Noël Coward reincarnated as the class nerd.

There is always someone saying "Why are Sparks not the most successful band in the history of the world ever?" - they are certainly magnificently talented, but that has never been a guarantee of world domination (some might say it could even be a hindrance...).  I think it's the uneasiness, personally.  The unwillingness to accept coolness at face value.  They have a tendency to be knowingly satirical when the 'mainstream audience' would probably prefer to be stroked and cuddled and have their amour propre reinforced by some self-satisfied personage reminding us that "this is how we roll".  (Roll what, exactly?  Marbles?  Stocking tops?  Lemon roulade...?)  Also, being less than shy about being extremely clever never fails to dissuade scores of people from buying your record.  Combining intellectual flair with a dirty mind is also apt to confuse.  (Let's hear it for lines like, "You mentioned Kant and I was shocked/'Cause where I come from, none of the girls have such foul tongues"!)

Well, if you get the chance to hear some of their music (delving further than the much overplayed 'This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us'), grab it!

That's all for now.  After all, I do have work to do...

Eavesdrop, snoop, and sigh with yearning...

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