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Song of the day! 'Nothing to Do', Sparks

This song is a candidate for The Best Song I Have Ever Heard.

Normally, I scoff at the idea of perfection.  There is no such thing.  It is silly and wrong even to aim for it.  All one can ever hope to be is... good enough.  And that's... well, good enough.

And yet, and yet...

Here is this divinely concise, appealingly almost-risqué song, which hath issued from the pen of irreverent Californian genius, Ron Mael.  (Ron and his brother Russell comprise Sparks, purveyors of diverse musical goodies for... gee, it must be almost 40 years!  This year they are to play a series of concerts, each one representing one of their albums, which will be performed in full.  One concert per album.  I wish I could go to one, or several, but the Bros. M. have unhelpfully scheduled said concerts at times when getting time off work is... tricky.  And would probably have to involve Blackmail.  Sigh...)

It is a well-worn maxim of mine that stupid people tend to write epic, longwinded pap*, whilst true genius can say all it could need or wish to say in an off-the-cuff epigram.  (That is not to say that anything long is rubbish... just that you need a spark of wit and instinct to convey meaning, be entertaining and be original, all in the space of four minutes or a couple of lines. ^_^)

Well, this song is short (3:07, apparently - according to tescodownloads.com!) and concerns boredom, and preoccupation with an absent lover. :-)  It's deceptively simple, and has none of the operatic OTT-ness of some Sparksian product.  Russell sings it with this adorable air of abstracted appetite (tee hee, sorry... I couldn't resist the lure of all those 'a's...).

Legend has it that Joey Ramone was keen for the R's to cover this song, but Johnny declined as he thought it 'too sissy'.  Shame on you, Johnny!  I would have *loved* to have heard such a version.  In fact, I'd love to do my own version one day. :-)

Here are the lyrics - very ordinary-looking when typed; deliciously suggestive on the record.

'Nothing to Do'

I want you
I want you bad
I need you
I need you
I do, I really do

Better drop the requirement that
everything be great
Nothing to do, nothing to do
Nothing to do, nothing to do

I come home
I throw my coat down
I spin round
I plop down
Gimme a break, a break

Better drop the requirement... etc.

If I had a million thumbs
I'd twiddle, twiddle
But I just have two
Nothing to do, nothing to do
Nothing to do, nothing to do

I see you
I don't want much
Just something
A little something
To do, to do

Better drop the requirement... etc.

Copyright Ron Mael/Sparks

[* Yes, that's me!!]

Eavesdrop, snoop, and sigh with yearning...

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