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Not dead... only dreaming. ^_^

Yes, I am Still Alive...

...I just haven't posted anything for a good while.

My personal life has become very busy and exciting, but I'm far too superstitious to write about it. ;-)

I can tell you, though, that - amongst other exciting things - I have been Rescuing Many Invertebrates!! :-D

I've always been a sort of casual admirer of small creepy-crawlies.  I'm not the sort of girl who goes "Eeeek!" and cries when faced with such creatures (...except for wasps, but even with those I can usually pull myself together reasonably well!).

Not long ago I was staying at my future in-laws' house.  I went to the bathroom, opened the lid of the lavatory, and something fell off my hair and into the bowl.  On further examination, it proved to be a bee.  I have a great affection for bees, so I decided it must be rescued at once!  I managed to fish it out with some loo paper and took it outside, depositing it on the gravel in the sunshine.  It seemed reasonably unscathed, so I hope it managed to fly back to the hive!

A little later, at my mum's house, a beautiful shield bug landed on the outside of her patio door.  I love shield bugs; they look like little insect superheroes. ^_^  I opened the door to go out and look at it more closely - but this caused the unfortunate thing to fall off the door and through a grating, into a sort of drainage gutter thing outside the door. :-(  But taking up a very thin twig and poking it through the grating allowed the bug to hitch a ride, and I put him very carefully on a nearby bush to recover from his ordeal!

But this morning... this morning was my finest hour.

I got in the shower and noticed a reddish blob in the corner of the shower tray.  It moved slightly.  For a moment I thought "Is it Alive?!" - but then decided it must be a tangled blob of hair being moved by the water.  But then it caught my eye again - from a different corner of the shower tray, where it had scuttled to get out of the way of the spray... because it wasn't hair at all: it was a sizeable and unusually-colourful spider (unusually colourful for the UK, where most spiders are brown and harmless).  As a general rule, I absolutely *love* spiders.  I love their eight-leggedness, and the intricacies of cobwebs, and I love that spiders often dispose of annoying insects like flies and (eep!) wasps.  And if you look closely at them, even British ones, they are often very beautiful.  But even I was slightly taken aback by the appearance of this specimen.  It had a garnet-coloured head and legs, and its abdomen was a sort of greyish-tan.  And it was quite large.  And I was standing there with nothing on.

I paused awhile to reflect how lucky it was that I am not scared of spiders.  I can imagine that such a situation would be pretty terrifying if you were. o__O

For a moment I wondered whether this spider had come in on a bunch of bananas from the tropics or something - perhaps it was venomous!  But it looked pretty docile (and rather wet), so I encouraged it on to a bit of toilet paper (very useful when rescuing creepy crawlies, it seems!), dashed to the front door and opened it just a tiny bit (...I was still nude!), and threw the paper and spider out onto the driveway.

When I got to work, I decided to try and identify my eight-legged and eight-eyed voyeur.

It appears to have been either Drysdera erythrina or Drysdera crocata.  ***WARNING: DO NOT CLICK IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF SPIDERS.  I AM SERIOUS.***

Apparently, these charming woodlouse-devourers are native to the British isles (they have a very widespread distribution, in fact).  And they have pretty big jaws.  According to the information I found, they are often quite aggressive and have been known to bite people - and they are described as 'semi harmless', which seems to mean that their bite may or may not be mildly venomous!  One site advised you not to touch this spider!!  (Well, I didn't touch it, thankfully - it crawled on to the loo paper of its own accord!)

I am pretty glad that my little bathing companion had just been deluged in warm water when I encountered it - that presumably made it temporarily slow and timid.

Anyway, when I left the house it had run away, so I threw the paper back inside to put it in the bin later (...responsible spider-rescuers do not litter! ;-P).

...Wouldn't you just know it: whilst I was writing this entry, a goddamned WASP buzzed into my office.  Agh...!  But I remained very calm, befitting my status as Champion of Invertebrates, and sure enough it buzzed out again soon enough. :-)

When will the deluge of scary creatures end?!?! ;-P

Pensée: One day I want a little orchard (just a small one) and a beehive or two. ^_^

...And that's all I have to say for now.  Have a good weekend all (...and may it only contain those creatures which you are ready to face!).


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Apr. 25th, 2009 09:12 am (UTC)
If you ever come to Australia, please stop yourself from being so friendly to our creepy crawlies :)

Well done on the bee, that gave me warmth and glee!
Apr. 30th, 2009 08:42 pm (UTC)
Leaving the Insects Aside for a Minute....
Leaving benevolence to insects aside for a minute, I noticed that you are a fellow Magma fanatic. I was exposed for a brief time when I was a kid, then started reusing, and have been totally addicted now for the past half-year. I thought it would burn itself out, but this affliction shows no signs of lessening. In fact, though I cram my ears full on a daily basis, I am only more and more intrigued. I have to beat myself back from passing out CDs to acquaintances and saying "you MUST listen to this. You MUST listen to this NOW!" I can't fathom how so few people know and appreciate this group, or how anyone can possibly listen to them and say "eh~."

So, here are my questions for you:

1) Is Magma a cult? And if so, where can I pick up my robes?
2) Is Magma a Kobaian plot for infiltrating Earth? If so, are we the victims, or the chosen people?
3) Is Magma a Satanic influence? Are the Orks gonna come get me?
4) Have scientists identified the Magma gene yet?
5) Have our brains been permanently rewired? Will we ever be able to listen to "normal" music appreciatively again?
6) Is it advisable to tattoo my face with the Magma symbol? Or no?
7) What is the proper order of the Emehnteht-Re trilogy? Is it KA-K-ER, or ER-KA-K? (Methinks the latter... even though Vander said E-Re was the "third part"--but did he mean so chronologically...?)
8) What could

Lah wortz reisfunk deh wehrestehguhnzur,
Und, deh bundehr drakaida kommandoh,
Wuhr di heul zortsung.
Uts fur Kalain, himeuhn zëbëhn deh Resutiihn;
Ewehn deuh Lantsin slakehndo

possibly mean?

So many questions. So little time.

Now....back to bugs. Get yourself a copy of the Bobino video and check out the latter part. It will enhance your impressions of the bug-eyed ones when the camera goes to the female singers.

May. 1st, 2009 08:35 am (UTC)
Re: Leaving the Insects Aside for a Minute....
Oh my goodness. XD Now this is going to cheer me up magnificently, whilst I am stuck at home recuperating from a nasty germ. :-(


I am no Magma expert, but let's have a stab at these here questions of yours...

1. A cult?! No. :-) More of an informal support group for people with an advanced sense of rhythm and too much imagination, perhaps... And robes...? Try dishevelled black clothing and interesting hair. And don't forget yer Magma pendant. ;-)

2. Victims, chosen people... phffft; whichever, the Apocalypse would be sérieusement groovy, n'est-ce pas? ;-P

3. Well... I get the feeling that Vander is probably a Christian (in more than name, that is!), so... unlikely. ^_^ The Orks report to Jannick Top; and he's scary enough to keep 'em in their place, methinks. ;-)

4. That requires further study at this time. Possibly also a captive breeding programme... o__O

5. ...Did you ever listen to "normal" music appreciatively?!

6. I should ask yourself how you view your job prospects afterwards. ;-) If you can sing and/or operate multiple items of hand percussion simultaneously, you might be able to join the band... other than that, freakshow for you! (NB: drawing on your face with marker pens to see what it would look like may be a bad idea...) XP

7. Hmm. Not sure. I *thought* it went like this: KA = youth of K. up to discovery of tomb. K = K.'s revelatory experience in tomb. ER = actual mystical truths etc. as revealed to K. whilst in tomb. But who knows... If the running order's not muddled up somehow, it ain't Magma. ^_^

8. Knowing what it means would spoil it. :-)

Ahh, Bobino. I should have kept those deely-boppers I had in the 1980s. ^_^

And on that note... thank you for your comment and happy listening! ...You may find this helps. ^_^
May. 19th, 2009 01:00 pm (UTC)
Re: Leaving the Insects Aside for a Minute....
If I may try to answer some of your question in my approximate english :

1) In France, some people still think Magma is a Sect of some sort.For me, Magma is a fantastic band playing a truely spiritual music and that's it. If it's a sect, then it's a sect that sets you free and doesn't require anything in exchange.

3)The music of Magma is a soul mirror. One finds in it what he puts in it. If you find the music terrifying, then you must realize that music is just notes and notes aren't terrifying. The terrifying part must comes from you :-) Then you'll realise this music isn't terrifying, it's just sheer beauty.

5) There is no such thing as "normal" music, there is music on one side and notes compilations without clue on the other. Music relates directly to your emotions (be it pleasant or not)compilation of notes can be pleasant but that's it. And yes you'll be able to listen to other musics, there are plenty of good music out there but you'll be more choosey because your level of exigence has drastically moved higher. On the other side, after 20 years of regular listening of Magma, I'm always in love with that music and no sign of lessening. I'm still discovering many things in it, sometime it resides on details, incredibly beautiful details. In fact the more I listen, the deeper I love.

8) I'm the person who wrote the little ersatz of french/english/Kobaïan dictionnary that you can find everywhere on the net, many years from here. And still I don't know what it means :-)

May. 19th, 2009 01:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Leaving the Insects Aside for a Minute....
Laurent, thank you for your insights in responding to my anonymous commenter! :-) It is good to imagine that after 20 years' listening there is still more to discover in the music of Magma.

...Thank you also for your efforts in Kobaïan lexicography! The celestial mystery, of course, remains, and will endure. ^_^

Hamtaï to you my friend! ;-)
May. 1st, 2009 07:11 am (UTC)
Ah, yes... good advice there! Must remember, amateur entomology is a bad idea when it comes to biting, stinging, venomous things! XD
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