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Dreaming of clothes, attired in imagery

I often have dreams about clothes.  Or, rather, dreams about attiring myself for a specific purpose.  Usually at very short notice.

The other morning I woke up to the shattered remnants of the following dream...

I was with some person who seemed to be a friend of sorts (it wasn't someone I recognised from 'real life', but in the dream it felt as though they were a classmate or colleague).  They were very excited because some kind of dance, ball, or other excuse for fancy clothes was in the offing, and they were off to choose a dress.  I was persuaded to go with them, and was also persuaded to agree to attend the dance myself.  We went to this peculiar shop which seemed to be unadvertised.  You had to go up some stairs to it and then there was a counter, behind which an oldish American woman stood, guarding the shop from any old Tom, Dick or Harry.  (I think we were in the USA, in fact.)  There were dress rails in the background - it looked like a dry cleaners.  After some discussion we - myself and the colleague - persuaded the lady to let us in, and after a bit more persuasion she let us look at the fancy dresses.

The shop was really untidy, bags of stuff everywhere, and there was a rushed, hurried feeling, as if they were about to close.  Not much time left to find the perfect outfit!  Quick, quick!  I think the friend/colleague had already ordered something and was there for a final fitting.  That character pretty much faded away as suddenly it was my turn to choose something.  The lady unveiled a rack of dresses and we tried to pick something out - there were so many, from the plausible to the unsuitable, presented quickfire, one after the other.  Eventually a rather demure dress was flourished off the rail - odd how a dream image can be so vivid, but I even remember the texture of the fabric.  It was pale mauve, silk chiffon, and it had a weird sort of 'over-dress' thing in the same material.  You put the dress on, and then the 'over-dress' on top.  The effect was sort of Islamic fundamentalist chic, if you can imagine that - just without the headscarf. :-)  I seriously considered this dress - it was such a beautiful colour, so subtle, so soft; wearing it was like going to a costume party as a shadow of your former self. ;-)

But then, another dress caught my eye.  Bright red - a colour I would probably never wear in real life.  Really shocking, fire engine red.  Almost a cheap red.  The fabric - not sure what it was, but it wasn't silky or soft or subtle.  The line of this dress was low in front, low in the back, strappy, clingy and almost (but not quite!) overly-revealing.  The deep V plunge at the front was lined with little sparkly Swarovski crystals.

I put it on and looked at my reflection in the mirror.  All of a sudden I had lipstick on in the exact same shade as the dress.  My whole body language changed - from tasteful wallflower to the insouciant brassiness of a Best Supporting Actress.

Well, I had to get the red dress, of course. :-)  At that point, I woke up, but I'm quite intrigued as to what might have happened later on at the party!

I'm always loath to ascribe meaning to dreams, but the day before was when I decided to re-upholster my hair...  I haven't noticed myself turning into Scarlett Johansson yet, but you never know...


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Feb. 14th, 2008 10:05 am (UTC)
I think mine are usually too boring to remember (at least, I hardly ever do remember them...)...
Feb. 13th, 2008 11:40 pm (UTC)
Darn. I'd like to know what happened at the party, too. ;-)
( 3 confidences — Confide in me... )

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