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PoultryFest 2010!/Happy New Year!

First, a Happy New Year to all of you. ^_^

And Now... a round-up of all my Christmas doings, comings and goings. :-D

I think this is going to be photo-heavy. :-)
First, the Weather.  Yes, Weather with a capital W. ^_^  After a prolonged period of being virtually the only part of the country not freezing and snowbound, we got...

We had a lovely walk in it and as usual I took about a million photographs.  Luckily for you, I will only post a few...

This friendly cat likes to patrol the village, and will approach any human being he encounters.  He likes being petted and will follow you home if allowed to!  Hitherto I had always referred to him as 'Village Cat' or 'Apricot Cat' (because of his rather delicate, diluted-ginger colouring), but a neighbour whom we met on our walk told us his name is Tim.  So now I call him Mister Tim, Tim-the-Cat or Tiger Tim. ^_^

Tim-the-Cat was not quite sure about snow.  He was very careful only to walk in people's footprints/car tracks, rather than on nasty, wet, cold, fresh snow which his paws would sink down into.  But on the other paw he was quite happy to roll around showing the world his tummy!  After we left him he followed us home and almost managed to get in the house!  He kept putting his paw around the side of the door, until I gently pushed him out of the way (I had to, or I wouldn't have been able to get inside!).  After that I expect he wandered off to sit by the hedge and stare at birds. ^_^

Before Christmas, we went to stay with D.'s parents (a little later than planned, because of the snow) but were unable to get to my Mum's.  But we managed to get there to see in the New Year, so all worked out well in the end!

Christmas itself was spent at home, just the two of us.  Well, two of us and a Christmas tree!

Our Tree! :-)  What a handsome fellow.  D.'s sister works at a garden centre so D. went to visit and pick out a tree, then his sister brought him and our arboreal friend here in her van.  He was quite large and only just fitted in the space available!

Ok, PoultryFest time!!  I ordered a turkey crown from the butcher's, because I thought a whole turkey would be a little OTT for two.  When we got there to collect it, this was the smallest one they had...  It weighed just under 4.5 kilos!! o__O  It was something like three quarters of a turkey (looked like all they'd done was cut off the legs... mafia style??!).  The thing only just fitted in the oven!

Still, I cooked it following a combination of various people's instructions (part Delia, part Food Standards Agency, part oven manual!) and it turned out really well.  Not dry, cooked all the way through, and very tasty!  We ended up with SO many leftovers, though... a little got thrown away, but we ate most of it (and there is turkey curry in the freezer for future reference!).

I also made cranberry sauce to go with it - would make again, it was very easy.  You just cook the cranberries with a little orange juice/zest/a few orange segments/some port/a few spices.  But I put too many spices in it; it turned out a bit too sweet, really.  Nicer, though, than the bland stuff in a jar!  All the usual trimmings were present, too.

For dessert we had home-made trifle (proper home-made custard and everything!).

Here is our festive board!  The table came along with the tree in D.'s sister's van - she just moved in with her partner and had a few things to dispose of.  It's a very nice rustic pine kitchen-type table, obscured in the photo by our fine festive tablecloth from Tesco!  The candlesticks my Mum gave me - I remember these from childhood.  Mostly they sat on the sideboard but on special occasions were put out on the dining table.  They are EPNS and the copper is wearing through rather, but I like the effect! ^_^  The arrangement with big candle in the middle was one of the table decorations from our wedding. <3  The glasses were a wedding gift, too.

We had a marvellous fire in the afternoon/evening.

That was our Christmas - I hope you enjoyed yours!


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Jan. 7th, 2011 12:13 pm (UTC)
Beautiful photos as always, especially the one of the church from a distance. And I love the centrepiece on your table :)
Jan. 7th, 2011 01:21 pm (UTC)
Thank you! ^_^ I might try and make some of them into Christmas cards for next year.

Hehe, we have a stash of these, saved from the wedding. >_< The roses went a bit blah but everything else dried quite well.
( 2 confidences — Confide in me... )

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