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Treats filled her eyes...

I just pre-ordered this.  Gotta have it! ^_^  I have A LOT of Popol Vuh in MP3 format only, which is fine for train journeys and other introspective moments with headphones, but annoying when you just want to play a record... 5 CD albums in a nice box will definitely help with that. :-)

Also, I find it impossible to keep up with proper, studious listening with downloaded music.  It's so quick and easy to get that you've often acquired 3 more albums before you've even had time to listen to the first one.  That is not conducive to music appreciation. ;-)  I miss the days of being a student - making my first life-changing musical discoveries, often having to search for a good while to find what I wanted, or send for it mail order.  The internet did exist but there wasn't the constant access to it that we have now.  (Heck, for the first year I didn't even have a phone in my room - or a mobile phone.  Remember queueing for the phone kiosk with phone cards, anyone?!)  Plus, what internet there was tended to be very basic and consisted mostly of flashing yellow text on a purple background, for no apparent reason. >_<

Oh dear.  Now I feel old!!

Anyway... let me once again recommend Popol Vuh.  It's perfect music for when you want virtuosity tempered by humility - melody tempered by melancholy - strangeness tempered by comfort.  Very soothing and ethereal, but doesn't drift too far into 'New Age noodling'. ;-)  Although the lyrics, when present, make mention of religious themes, much of it is instrumental; also, the spiritual element comes across as being so personal and specific to the people who made the music, so sincere, matter-of-fact and non-judgemental, that it doesn't detract from the listening experience even if you're a confirmed atheist.  Also, forget the label of 'Krautrock', since that typically tends to refer to more cerebral, sardonic and radical music.

Here's a video for your entertainment.

Eavesdrop, snoop, and sigh with yearning...

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